Issue certificates on Blockchain

Certy is a scalable blockchain application for certificate issuance and verification.

Why Certy?

Paper based certificate issuance and verification process is complex, time consuming and prone to errors and fraud.

Certy helps academic institutions and industry certification bodies simplify and automate this process and in turn, cut down the certificate issuance and verification time.

Fact Check

  • 75% of HR managers have caught a lie on a resume
  • 44% of CVs have discrepancies in education claims
  • Companies spend approx £40,000/year/employee to overcome CV fraud and rehire
  • 55% employees admitted to lying / withholding information on their CV

Issue tamper-proof certificates

Certificates issued via Certy are secured through blockchain, ensuring the certificate data can never be tampered with


Provide instant verification

Certificates are pushed on blockchain, post one-time verification by institutes, enabling employers to conduct instant due-diligence


Issue tamper-proof certificates

With smart certificates, students are able to showcase verified credentials on social media to gain an edge in the recruitment process

How Certy Helps


Academic Institutions

  • Hassle-free certificate issuance and storage on an immutable infrastructure
  • Save on admin costs with real-time verification
  • Improve employer engagement with pre-verified student credentials



  • Gain visibility among employers registered on the platform
  • Simple, lifelong storage of all certificate credentials, with ability to control access rights
  • Easily share verified credentials on social media to gain an edge in the recruitment process



  • Minimized risk of fake, forged certification claims
  • Reduce need for 3rd party background verification
  • Reduced cost, time for employee verification
  • Increase in hiring efficiency with reduced rehiring due to CV frauds

Employers who use certy platform