Issue certificates on Blockchain

Certy is a scalable blockchain based certificate issuing platform,
built on top of the GovBlocks Protocol.

Why Certy?

Paper based certificate issuance and verification process is complex, time consuming and prone to errors and fraud.

Certy helps academic institutions simplify and automate this process. It cuts down the certificate issuance and verification time by enabling institutions to issue tamper-proof, instantly-verifiable smart certificates secured by blockchain technology.

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All-In-One Certificate Management Platform Driven By Blockchain

Issue tamper-proof certificates

Certificates issued via Certy are secured through blockchain, ensuring the certificate data can never be tampered with

Provide instant verification

Certificates are pushed on blockchain, post one-time verification by institutes, enabling employers to conduct instant due-diligence

Increase student marketability

With smart certificates, students are able to showcase verified credentials on social media to gain an edge in the recruitment process

Quick, Simple onboarding for your institute

  • Create your business profile and configure role based access for your administration
  • Upload your student records using the import tool
  • Leverage Certy APIs to integrate with your LMS, CRM or ERP
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Issue certificates on blockchain, within minutes

  • Begin a certificate issuance campaign using the dashboard
  • Create certificates and preview them within the campaign
  • Validate the certificates according to your approval process and push to the blockchain
  • Certificates are shared via email along with a unique certificate link, verifiable on your official website

Provide instant certificate verification

  • Integrate our Certificate Checker tool on your institute website to provide instant verification for employers, recruiters etc
  • Streamline bulk verification requests with APIs, massively reducing administrative costs
  • Impress and attract employers by issuing easily verifiable certificates
  • Streamline international verification requests
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Showcase smart ads and badges on certificates

  • Issue certificates that are built for sharing on social media platforms like LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Increase the marketability of the certificate receivers and your organization
  • Downloadable certificates in a secure PDF that contains the unique certificate ID and blockchain hash
  • Run smart ads, discover a new marketing channel


Academic Institutions

  • Hassle-free certificate issuance and storage on an immutable infrastructure
  • Save on admin costs with real-time verification
  • Improve employer engagement with pre-verified student credentials
  • Showcase cutting edge technology deployment in a critical process


  • Simple, lifelong storage of all certificate credentials, with ability to control access rights
  • Create a more credible profile for employers
  • Easily share verified credentials on social media to gain an edge in the recruitment process


  • Minimized risk of fake, forged certification claims
  • Reduce need for 3rd party background verification
  • Reduced cost, time for employee verification
  • Increase in hiring efficiency with reduced rehiring due to CV frauds

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